At the January  2016 meeting of the trustees: the following proposals were agreed as the main priorities behind which the Trust will focus its efforts during 2016;

  • staging temporary exhibitions of selected items from the archives at suitable venues across the UK. A number of potential venues have been identified, ranging from visitor attractions, to beer festivals and breweries. The logistics of mounting such exhibitions will have to be worked through, but it was felt that this was an activity well worth pursuing, and in line with the Trust’s aims of increasing public awareness and interest in the archives and the NBC.
  • building an on-line searchable catalogue of the archives. In the first instance this will require a review of the current Collections Management System (Micromusee) to establish whether it is the most appropriate software on which to develop an on-line database. Depending on the outcome of this initial review, a project plan will be produced detailing projected timescales, costs and resource requirements. This project may well be the subject of future grant funding applications by the Trust, and again is felt by the Trustees to be a good fit with our overall aims and objectives.
  • working in partnership with VAST ( a Staffordshire C.C. volunteers-organising group), the National Brewery Centre, and Molson Coors to repaint and refurbish the area surrounding and housing the Burton Union Set located alongside the NBC carpark. This project will also include an overhaul and tidy up of the planted area alongside the Union Set, to generally enhance the visual appeal of the area from the street.