Once horse drawn wagons carrying grain, hops and beer were the vehicles of choice for brewers and farmers. This vehicle was sold by Bass in 1932 to Ian Anchor of Thurlston. He purchased “five brewery waggons, three brewery carts and one set of heavy horse harness for the princely sum of £50 twelve shillings and sixpence” (£50 62.5p).


Years later the wagon was later discovered at Wilson House Farm, Wilson. In 1983 was bought to the museum, where it underwent a complete restoration courtesy of the trades still employed within the Bass company. In the 1990s it was once again refurbished by a group known as NACRO-rehabilitated prisoners. Fast forward to 2017 and once again it is time to lovingly restore this piece. The National Brewery Heritage Trust has been appealing for funds with a hope to get the restoration work completed in 2017, the 40th anniversary of opening of the museum.