A fund has been launched by the Trust to raise funds to address an urgently needed refurbishment of this rare example of how brewing used to be done in Burton. The Union Set is housed under a canopy alongside the NBC car park and is a relic from one of Burton’s Bass Breweries which was demolished in the 1980’s.

The set which consists of 52 casks together with associated top and bottom troughs and inter-connecting pipework, was last overhauled in the 1990’s and is now in need of some significant refurbishment to bring it back to its original state. As a first stage, the Trust has commissioned the refurbishment and repainting of the protective canopy to the shed. The work commenced in the week of 24th April 2017.

To make a donation towards the cost of refurbishment please go to the “Support Us” page where you will be able to select a pre-set amount or one of your discretion. You also have the ability to make your contribution gift aided.