As the country approaches the commemoration of the Armistice 1918 what was happening in Burton on Trent and how did the brewing industry move forward after the war years?

The National Brewery Heritage Trust is leading a project entitled Peace and Legacy: Burton Recovers.

We are grateful for the support of the Heritage Lottery Fund, ESBC and other local companies which enables us to create displays around the town.

Working closely with Volunteers, Schools and the College the project will investigate Burton life and industry in the years following the war whilst remembering those who lost their lives and those who returned.

A town trail will include (for one day only by pre-booking) access to the WW1 Memorials in Bass House alongside 5 other sites in the town coming together to portray our own take on life a hundred years ago.

More details will become available as we progress but for now keep the 10th November free to join us.