If you’re interested in old Brewing Companies then there is a great new web site for you. It has been set up to encourage further research, archiving and accessibility to the history of the H&G Simonds Ltd Brewery of Reading, its business at home and abroad, its estate, beers, memorabilia and of all the people associated with them throughout the nearly 200 years of its existence. Containing 12,000  searchable pages this is a comprehensive history of the company and the Simonds family.





The web site is the brainchild of Raymond Simonds, son of the late Duncan Simonds who In 1957, when the board was debating the fateful merger with Courage, was the only voice arguing that a company of their size should be capable of standing on their own. In Raymond’s own words “this is and will remain my hobby and as such will also remain very much ‘work in progress’ with consequential inconsistencies and maybe even errors! So – if you have any constructive comments, relevant historical information, images or documents to share, it would be great to hear from you through the Contact button at the bottom of each page”.