We are proud that Shepherd Neame is a corporate member of the Trust. Shepherd Neame is Britain’s oldest brewer – and while 1698 is the Brewery’s official founding date, its heritage pre-dates this period. As in Burton-upon-Trent the history of brewing in Faversham dates back to the abbey brewhouse and brewing in alehouses and homes.


In 1678 Richard Marsh, Mayor of Faversham, leased the brewery. King James II was held prisoner there in 1688 after he ran aground while attempting to flee to France to avoid William of Orange and his threatening Dutch army. In 1698 Marsh bought the brewery outright thereby signalling the official start of the brewery’s history. Samuel Shepherd married Marsh’s widowed daughter-in-law Mary, joining the business in 1732 and Percy Beale Neame (shown left) a 28-year-old hop farmer, joined the firm as a partner in October 1864.


Today Shepherd Neame is one of Britain’s largest independent family brewers, producing 40 million pints annually, and exporting to more than 25 countries. In May 2024 they announced that they have been granted use of the Royal Warrant by His Majesty King Charles III.


Find out more about the history of Shepherd Neame on their website.

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